Fix at Home


Emergency Information

An emergency is bleeding, swelling, and/or severe pain that is not alleviated with Tylenol or Advil. Most problems can be temporarily corrected at home. Watch these Fix at Home Videos for a short tutorial for common problems to make your mouth more comfortable until your office appointment.

When calling after hours for assistance, leave a message regarding your issue on the voicemail of our 4S Ranch office location, at 858-756-6878, and a team member will return your call as soon as we return to the office. In the event of an emergency that cannot be corrected at home with the use of the online videos, with severe pain, swelling and bleeding, there is always an on-call person. Call the office number to get the contact information for the team member on call. If you are in need of changing or canceling an appointment, please leave a voicemail on the office line, as the emergency on-call person is not in the office and does not have the ability to address appointment problems when not in the office.

Please note: A loose bracket is not an emergency, but please contact the office to let us know that there is additional time needed at the next appointment to fix it.