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wave waterpark



Halloween Candy Buy Back 2015

Well over 3000 pounds of candy collected from over 20 local schools....

...which means Dr. Pfeffer will donate over $3000 back to these generous students' schools.

Thank you for being so generous to help your school and giving your sweet treats to Troops!!

Candy Buy Back 2015

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Patient Appreciation Event July 23, 2015

The Wave Waterpark

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Give Kids a Smile February 28, 2015

Dr. Pfeffer helped make healthy smiles this weekend and loved it! She volunteered for the state dental society’s national Give Kids A Smile program through the American Dental Association. The event helps provide dental care to those children who need it most and otherwise could not afford it. Providing preventative care to needy children serves an important part in their oral and overall systemic health.

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Annual Santa Event and Holiday Food Drive December 5, 2014

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Patient Appreciation Event July 24, 2014

The Wave Waterpark

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Annual Santa Event and Holiday Food Drive December 13, 2013

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Candy Buy Back

Thank you to our awesome community! With your help, we were able to collect 3,702 pounds of candy… that's 700 pounds more than last year and a lot of teeth saved from sugar bugs! The candy was donated to our awesome troops and the San Diego Rescue Mission!