Thank you, Moser Orthodontics, and all the staff for helping me get on the road to the perfect smile. I really appreciate your concern and understanding. Thank you for playing such a big role in my life.

With love,

I thank all of the doctors and staff for finally getting me through my braces. For 2 years, I have never smiled with my teeth, but now I have the confidence to smile for everything! Thank you!

With regards,
M. O’Connor

Dr. Moser, Dr. Pfeffer and Moser Orthodontics Team,
The care I received was exceptional. Everyone at the practice seems to genuinely enjoy their work, and it shows. Keep up the good work, and keep having fun like you do. I will miss the regular visits and smiling faces.

God Bless,
R. Frost

Andrew is now seeing Noel Moser, DDS off of Camino Del Sur.Carla Church recommended her as did my dentist, Soraya Bouzida. She was the 3rd orthodontist we consulted with and the first wanted to do palatal expanders and braces totaling more than $5,000.The second said only braces.Dr. Moser was the best of the three by far in terms of personals skills and her approach was much less aggressive.She set him up with a retainer only and he’s done so well that we are only needing it at night after a few months. The whole process will cost us about $500. We couldn’t be happier!

Mary Anne F.

My old orthodontist in Hawaii was very different from this orthodontist. This orthodontist was friendly and helpful and they answered all of my questions. They are all really nice and I am always happy to come.

Gretchen T.

I like going to Moser Orthodontics because it’s fun to and you get a snack. You also play video games while waiting. Also, there’s always a contest.

Mark N.

I like Moser Orthodontics because it has friendly workers who are always nice to you.

Courtney A.

Moser Orthodontics is so amazing. They provide great service and the employees are very kind. It’s always a pleasure to walk in for an appointment.

Maddie S.

Such kind, gracious, intelligent people work here! Always a pleasure to come in and get my teeth beautified. Thank you!

Jacquelyn S.

I like the snacks and game systems. The staff members are the nicest people in the world. They always show you what they’re going to do to your teeth and how it’s going to benefit before they do it.

Sterling O.

I like the convenient location! Dr. Moser is confident and experienced in the latest ortho techniques and very knowledgeable. Mickie-on her initial “exploring” visit went out of her way to answer all my questions thoroughly and didn’t rush me! She took the time to show me around the office so I felt very comfortable.

Audrey L. O.

This is the nicest ortho place I have ever heard of. I would never want to go anywhere else. The reception area has many things for me to do while I wait for my mom.

Cree F.

Moser Orthodontics made the whole process of getting braces for our daughter so smooth and fun. It’s a big and daunting step getting braces, but it has been a wonderful experience. Doc Moser and your staff are the best. As Carmen says, “Moser Orthodontics ROX!”

Ken and Judy S.

When we first came to visit Dr. Moser’s office we were mistakenly referred by an insurance carrier she was no longer accepting. They offered to give us a complimentary consultation anyway. We knew immediately, after meeting the doctor and her staff we were coming here for treatment regardless. Dr. Moser and all of her staff are worth every penny. The honesty and integrity of her practice not nickeling and diming you with add-ons and upgrades is a refreshing way of doing business. We love her and so will you!

Ingrid S. and Alexys A.

Dr. Moser’s dentistry is a wonderful place to be. Not only do you get the chance to fix your teeth but you can also win prizes if you trade in MO Money. The staff is kind a gently with your teeth and nothing hurts. Most people think that the dentist is the “death trap” but I think the dentist is fun and I take all the opportunities to be there (even if it includes missing school).

Rachel P.

I never got hurt and they always knew what to do. They always kept my mouth healthy.

Nick S.

Although some may say that having braces is a drag, Dr. Moser and crew have made this time of correction one I will never forget. With all the smiles, laughter and love I felt connected with my doctor on a friendly level that made me excited to come in and get checked out. The staff here at Moser Orthodontics is doing a phenomenal job and I don’t know how they could do any better. I love how everybody is always happy to do their job and happy to see me every visit. I love coming in because I know that they are happy to see me just like I am happy to see them. All of them have done a superb job but if there was one who stands out it would be that goober Leslie! I ♥ you! So I think you should give her a BIG, BIG, BIG raise! But I’m not going to lie…I can’t wait to get my braces off but I will miss coming in to the smile! I ♥ Dr. Moser.

Terence M.

It was a very good service. I didn’t feel a thing that I fell asleep. Thank you.

Shayan F.

You can’t find a better office! 24/7-and I mean it, I don’t know another dentist who would come 9:00 pm on the weekend to help your kid. Priceless.

Tali B. (Gilad’s mom)

Dr. Moser and her staff have made me feel comfortable form the first day I walked through the door. They are all very nice and very good at their job. They have bright colors everywhere creating a happy feeling the moment you walk in.

Kasey S.

I think (I know) that Moser Orthodontics is the best there is because first of all they think like kids, they know how to make us laugh and more importantly they know what not to do. Second of all, the office is very fun and not stressful at all. That’s great for people like me who practically live in the office because it makes the visit way more relaxing and fun. My third favorite reason that Moser Orthodontics is the best is they think of everything to make us more comfortable like tucking in loose wires or providing Chapstick when they stretch out our lips. And lastly, they make everyone feel welcome from a warm smile from Mickie when we walk in the door to a fun conversation with Dr. Moser when she is working on our teeth. Thanks so much Moser Orthodontics!

Sarah Z.

Everyone’s really nice!

Maddie S.

I like the convenience of the practice most-you are great to work with!

Shan M.

Coming here is a pleasant experience.

Pam S. (Matt’s mom)

We like the atmosphere. Everyone is very welcoming and nice. We aren’t afraid to ask questions. Everyone takes their time with us. We love Mickie and Dr. Moser!

Judy K. (Cassie’s mom)

I like the pleasant attitude of all of the staff. Everyone is extremely competent.

Marsha K.

I absolutely love your staff! Everyone is very caring, patient and very friendly. Not only do I love coming to see everyone, but my kids love coming! Thank you! Mickie is wonderful. She always remembers us and makes us feel very special.

Kimberly R. W.

I like Moser Orthodontics because their office has video games and guessing contests. I think the staff is really friendly. I also like how you can get MO Money for coming to an appointment. Moser Orthodontics is the best orthodontics place I’ve been to.

Peter N.

I like the staff the most! Leslie is great and Mickie of course! Painfree, she is so careful and courteous.

Kerstin S.

I like that the staff are nice and gentle.

Harrison H.

A wonderful, fun atmosphere for children and adults. The staff is professional and courteous. Everyone is so friendly and willing to accommodate schedules. My treatment went quickly and smoothly! Thank you.

Deena E.

Everybody is so nice and friendly. Everything is wonderful.

Jessica P.

I avoided this experience for quite awhile because I was nervous that having braces was going to be very uncomfortable. I was so wrong. There was minimal discomfort and extra work while I had my braces. Everyone I met here was cheerful and positive. You are all great people and I enjoyed meeting all of you! Thanks.

Paul D.

Thank you for everything and taking care of my teeth. I love my teeth now! Everyone here was so kind that every visit was always nice. Thank you again.

Elora O.

Thank you for taking care of my teeth. I tell everybody at school about you. Thank you again.

Gilad B.

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had while coming to your beautiful office. Every time I came to the office everyone was so kind to me and all the other patients. I really enjoyed myself while coming here because everyone was such a delight. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a beautiful smile and I would recommend this place to everyone I know. Thank you all so much.

Adam B.

Thank you so much for making my teeth look so much better!I love it! Thank you! I love you guys. It could never have happened without you. I cannot describe my gratitude.

Alexandra S.

Thank you so much for my great smile!! Now I can eat anything! I look great! You rock!

Megan L.

Thanks Dr. Moser and staff. I never thought it was possible to have straight teeth. I’m happy with everything and your office is amazing. Thanks again.

Debi R.

You guys have changed my life and helped me to greatly appreciate my teeth and my smile. Everyone I have met here has been extremely nice to me and I would recommend this place for everybody. You guys are great thank you once again.

Chris C.

Thank you so so so so much. I’m glad it didn’t take too long to have these tracks on my teeth. Bleh. But thanks for everything. Good luck with anything.

Tawnee V.

Thank you Dr. Moser and crew! You guys have been so friendly and patient with me. I love my new teeth and I can’t wait to spread the word about your wonderful office. Thanks again.

Cecilia M.

Wow, this has been the most amazing experience!!! Thank you sooo much! I especially thank you for putting up with my invinsible tongue!!! You guys definitely made my day!!!

Maddie S.

Thank you so much! I love me clean new teeth! I can’t stop smiling! I appreciate all the support you have me and for making my smile look AWESOME! You’ve changed my life! Thanks again. Thanks Annie! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Hannah Y.

Wow! I never thought I’d see my teeth look so beautiful. You are wonder-workers and I’m so grateful. Thank you!

Ms. Gorgeous Teeth, Jacquelyn S.

Although I always complained about having braces, I am so happy that I did! Thank you so much Dr. Moser and Staff! I’m really happy with how my teeth turned out! Thanks!

Shannon G.

Thanks for a job well done. My time in your office is always fun! Dr. Moser is #1.

Linda C.

Thank you so much! I love my teeth. Dr. Moser, you have a wonderful staff and you are great. I can’t explain how much I love my teeth.

Kelly M.

Thank you so much. I’m so glad I don’t have those messed up teeth anymore and now I have beautiful straight ones. I’m so glad I can smile now without worrying about my crooked teeth or mouthful or metal. Thank you, thank you, thank you J

Bryce B.

OMG. Thank you so much. I can’t believe the two years are finally over. My teeth look really good thanks to you guys! I ♥ you guys! Thank you so much! You guys did a really good job! Thanks!

Lyanca W.

Dr. Moser and the lovely ladies of Moser Orthodontics: Thank you all so much!  My bite is so much more comfortable, and my whole face looks prettier (no really!). It was so wonderful getting to know all of you! It made my appointments so much more pleasant, especially our Twilight discussions. Dr. Moser! You are wonderful-thank you!

Megan M.

Thank you for all the help and the great jobs. See you from time to time. God bless you all.

Robert P.

Thanks so much for fixing my teeth! It has been a long journey but definitely worth the wait. This is something that will change my life forever! Anyways I can’t thank you all enough!

David W.

This office is amazing. They were always so nice to me, and this bag of candy I am looking at is very nice. They even took my braces off a year earlier than normal and an appointment earlier than expected. I would never want to go anywhere else for my braces and I would highly recommend this office to anyone else.

Cree F.

This has been a new experiment having braces. I though they would hurt a lot but they didn’t really. It has been nice to meet you.

Fabiola D.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I am truly grateful to all of you for fixing the mess in my mouth. I am so happy that I decided to change and come to your office instead of where I started from. A special thank you to Dr. Moser, thank you for being my orthodontist.

Ari F.

Thank you! I am so grateful that I could come here. After being at my previous orthodontist, I can truly appreciate all that you provide and serve here. Thanks for everything. I’ll see you once I get my retainer!

Michael P.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making my smile as pretty as can be. I am so so thankful. You guys are the best orthodontist ever. My smile is wonderful. Thank you again.

Your greatest patient-Sydney N.

I can finally say that I have the perfect teeth. Now I can live life not worrying about what’s in store for the future of my teeth. I guess I could say that we’re even since we gave you those lemons. Hope they taste nice and thank you so much.

Nic M.

Dear Diary,

Today is going to be such a great day! I got my braces off today! Yay I am so excited I just want to go get an apple or something. Bit I am going to miss them a little bit. How they kept me from eating and sleeping! Wait what am I saying? I am not going to miss that at all! But honestly, I am going to miss coming in early in the morning to be with a happy staff who gives me their undivided attention all the time (granted I was the only one here…it was still all about me!). I will never forget them and every time I get a new funny shirt, I will stop by so I can do what I do best-make them laugh! I love them.
P.S. When I am famous, I won’t forget Moser!

Terence M.

Thank you so much for everything! The staff is AWESOME and I am so pleased with the results. I’ll miss seeing you guys! Thanks.

Lisa W., RDA

You have made this experience so easy all the way through. You are all soooo nice and generous which made coming in to all the appointments that much easier. Your office is amazing with all the 21st century things you have like the game systems, the 2 computers, the coffee machine, etc. The tokens are a great thing and motivation to brush well and get my parents to get me here on time. Again you are all wonderful and thank you all so much for giving me a smile that I will enjoy forever. Best of luck to all of you and again-THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else!!
P.S. I was one of your good rubberband wearers!!!

Christian M.

What a great experience! My braces were on for a very short time and I am very happy wit my results! Braces suck, but I won’t hold that against you guys. You made this experience the best it could be, and even though my brackets would come off like every time you took off my wires that’s okay because every time I was here I felt warm and welcome!


I honestly can’t thank you enough! Not just for giving me an excuse to miss school every once in a while, but for my BRAND NEW smile. You guys did an excellent job and I always looked forward to coming. This new smile is going to do wonders for my self confidence and yearbook pictures! Once again, thank you! You guys are truly the best!

Jessyka A.

It feels great to have a big smile like this.

Di H.

Thanks for the wonderful experience. It has been a long two years but it is great to finally get them off. Maybe now I will be able to floss for once. One of the first ones here last to leave. Thanks.

Alex M. (aka kid who didn’t wear his rubber bands)

Mmm. Good times here. Ha ha. I love my new teeth so thanks a bundle for giving them to me. See ya later. Thanks.

Jackson S.

This has been a wonderful time here! This is like the best orthodontic place ever. I’m soo soo soo glad that my parents met you at that auction about 20 months ago. I love my new teeth and thank you so much for the opportunity you gave me and my family. I will miss you guys so much. I can’t even explain. Although I’ll probably be back for my retainers!! Again, I thank you soooo much!

Carmen S.

I’ve had a great time coming here! (Even if it was for braces!) I’m glad they’re off, but I’m gonna miss coming here. All of you are such great people; I don’t ever want to leave here J Thank you so much for everything!

Amy M.

Thank you for making my teeth straight. At first I hated having braces, but then you guys helped it be not as bad by being encouraging and fun. Thanks again for being great.

Nikki B.

Thank you for all the great care and great fun! It was always a pleasure to “hang” with you guys! I hope my smile will advertise Moser Orthodontics all over town. Thanks for putting up with me all these months! ♥ you all.

Heidi J., RDA

Great experience, great results-the 2 years went by fast! Thank you so much for making this a great experience. I (and Linda) appreciate all that you have done! Thank you very much.

Gary S.

Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful smile. It’s something that I’ll have with me for the rest if my life to remember you guys. Thanks once again!

Natalie E.

This office is amazing! My experience here was wonderful. The tokens kept me brushing well and keeping my braces intact. I think I look funny without braces after the brief year and 2 months of having them. Thanks.

Ryan N.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me the past two years.You made this process so smooth and easy.I loved coming in to see you all (I still will live in the neighborhood). Thanks again for everything.You are all so fabulous.Good luck with everything.

Jenna A.